lauren lewis founder of pure pregnancy


Welcome to Pure Pregnancy, the first ever health food company for expectant mothers!  I am thrilled you stopped by to check us out during this magical time in your life.  My name is Lauren, and I created this company while pregnant to support other pregnant women in their pursuit of delicious and healthy foods.  Becoming your top provider of a quick, wholesome, ‘on the go’ health food source during your pregnancy is our number one goal.

Pregnancy can be a wonderful, but uncomfortable, time in a woman’s life.  I founded this company while I was carrying my second child, and like many of you, I experienced some unpleasant symptoms.  From digestive issues to morning sickness, my discomfort caused me to become increasingly frustrated with the lack of available healthy food options to ease my symptoms.  Not wanting to take multiple, and sometimes nauseating, and unappetizing supplements, I found myself at a loss on how I could fully enjoy my time as an expectant mother.  When I was feeling my worst, around the fourth month of pregnancy, I decided I would make it my life’s mission to provide mothers, like myself, with richer and healthier food options, that don’t compromise on taste, during these precious 40 weeks. Just like that, Pure Pregnancy was born!

Designed, here in Southern California, specifically for expecting women, my desire is that Pure Pregnancy is a place for you to come learn, shop, and connect. As a mother of two boys, a military spouse and a working professional, I know that time is something mothers don’t always have on hand. I’ve put a lot of my passion, sweat and tears into creating this company, and as I’ve watch these products become a reality over the past year, I can’t help but hope you love these as much as we love being a part of your journey of creating a life.

Welcome to the Pure Pregnancy Club,

Lauren Lewis

Mother and Founder, Pure Pregnancy